Carrier Pigeon 17 TEASER FILM

A short created for the Carrier Pigeon fundraising campaign. With graphics from the magazine coming to life to give a sneak peek of what is to come. And since we're all waiting for this to come out, what would be better than elevator music from 8-bit video games.

Carrier Pigeon Magazine is an uncensored platform which gives artists, graphic designers and writers an opportunity to showcase their work in the most honest light. The Magazine is a volunteer venture and all of the money we raise from sales goes directly back into funding the printing of future issues. We began Carrier Pigeon with the belief that artistic freedom is a right and the only way that we can elevate an artistic vision is by creating something that lives by that belief.

Six years ago, Carrier Pigeon Magazine was born out of a crowdfunding campaign which sparked the necessary funding needed to print the first issues. Since then, we've been able to publish sixteen issues of Carrier Pigeon by selling magazines, shirts, pins, and original artwork hand to hand at exhibitions, markets, conferences and really, any place that will have us. As we kept printing, our books have become thicker in page count, have grown to include internationally known artists from over xxx number of countries, and have always included a handmade piece of artwork with every issue. Artists that participate in our magazine are given freedom to work without any boundaries or censorship, creating a magazine which is a truly creative artwork in itself.  

CP17 needs your help! We are fund raising to reach our goal of printing 1,000. By donating to our cause you will be supporting a platform determined to spreading creativity and cognitive thought. The artistic community leads the world in questioning what is and what should be, but it can only do that with opportunities that allow for absolute self expression.

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