I am a graphic designer, painter, idea generator, cyclist, chef, and collaborator. Above all I am a problem solver, I find joy in calculating the most appropriate answer. I love the mental chess game of taking on new challenges. For me the most rewarding feeling come when an answer is found that helps all involved, and I cannot get enough.

Although I love the rewards of problem solving, it is not the only reason I became a designer. Over the years I have fully realized the impact of design, this powerful force saturates our lives and most are unaware. The fact that most people experience design subconsciously is something I enjoy. I am not creating work for fame or acceptance. I believe it is our responsibility to continue in the footsteps of those who walked this path before us, to uphold the highest moral and ethic standards within our work.

I strive to create work that is conceptually sound while communicating clearly with the audience. My ultimate goal is to reach a point where my work functions on a high level of communication, while existing in society as an artifact of art.





Phone: (716) 583-9186
Email: kurtmdesign@gmail.com

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