Poster for AIGA/ny EVENT


I've been an AIGA member for many years and I follow and support the efforts and ongoing events of the organization. When I heard that thackway mccord was hosting the band Bandit, for a free show, at the AIGA South Street Seaport location, I signed up ASAP.

I found out later that the event was also a poster design opportunity. AIGA was asking designers to create a poster inspired by a song off the band new album "Of Life". It had been a while since I had made a poster so I thought it would be refreshing. It was. 

After listening to the album a few times, I chose "Losing In A Sense". The song is about losing innocence as one goes through life. As I started to analyze what it means to lose innocence, I realized that it is seeing the world without rose colored glasses. As we grow older we learn to be realists. Every loss makes it harder to see the light. For me the words rang true.

A limited amount of posters were chosen and printed by staff for the event and presented to the band. The band then picked their favorite. I didn't think I was gonna be picked but was honored.

Check out what thackway mccord posted here.