Carrier Pigeon magazine

A while back I met with the people that run Carrier Pigeon and asked if I could design an issue. I was welcomed with open arms and was told to “think of a magazine you have always dreamed to make and we will make it happen.” I was totally in but didn’t realize the challenges I would face and the great reward of many sleepless nights.

CP17 features 6 short stories illustrated by 6 artists and 6 artist portfolios. I was given the content and ran with it.

I knew I wanted embossing, foil, two fore-edge messages and transparency pages. I was also given a mini flip book of a horse running, for one of the stories, which I was able to direct the artist to have the horse morph into a pigeon so it could run throughout the pages. Later on we developed a slip cover for the inside pages that had pop out paper doll rockets people could play with.

I couldn’t be happier with the result and hope you enjoy!