In 2015, Dynamo, the first ever-French spin studio opened its doors in Paris, France. ForceMAJEURE worked in tandem with Dynamo's founders to bring this energetic community to life.

The vision was to create a new community and bring to France a new sport that helps people find escape from the busy city life. Built on the values of openness, friendship, joy, and relaxation, we were tasked with creating a memorable name, brand identity, large printed window covers, a responsive website with icons, and posters.

The Dynamo logo was designed to resemble neon lighting, representing the radiating energy of the Dynamo community. The break of the strokes and the 45 degree angled serifs give it this look and we hoped that one day it would be made with actual neon. 

Our research found that a majority of spin studios websites were not very user friendly and saw an opportunity. Working with Floxx, we developed and designed an easy to use site for Dynamo members.

The launch was a huge success and over 700 people signed up weeks before the doors opened.