Onlyhuman Chapbook series

OnlyHuman Press is a collective started by Hanisha Harjani and myself. This series of chapbooks were the first of many projects to come out of OnlyHuman. 

I have worked with Hanisha on quite a few projects now. Hanisha is currently studying at Pratt and came across an opportunity. One of her professors wanted to work with her to create physical books for each student in the class.     

We have always dreamt of starting our own press and realized this project could be the kickoff for OnlyHuman. We collaborated with 8 writers and we couldn't have been happier to do so. Hanisha worked on printing and formatting the books, while I designed the covers and branding for OnlyHuman. After that was all finalized we screen printed the covers and hand bound the books.

The whole project ended with a reading by the writers at a bookshop in Dumbo. It was truly rewarding to see how happy the writers were with the final books.